Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hail The King!

Had a small gathering at Martin Kings workshop, deep in darkest Dorset. For those who don't know Martin let me just say this - You may think you have a few more tools than you need. Martin will make your workshop look naked ;)
Also present were Waka and Rob "Woodbloke" to round out the morning. Rob was bringing his "Supershiny"tm Record T5 that you may have seen on UK Workshop? And very shiny it was too! Nice one, Rob.
We spent some time opening boxes of tools, delving through humongous amounts of everything, the fruits of Martins busy car boot sale and Auction hunting. And there was pretty much anything you could imagine - my favourite was a beautiful sweetheart #2 Stanley -nice!
Martin's long-suffering tool widow kindly supplied bacon sarnies and plenty of tea's -thanks again!
I came away with a piece of Greenheart from Martins timber stash - keep your eyes peeled for a plane of said timber coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

What, no pics of Martin's "well-clothed" shop?