Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exciting News....

Hi Folks
Just heard about an exciting hand tool event planned for next Summer.
The venue is West Dean College in Sussex, which looks like a wonderful venue. Confirmed guests so far are Garrett Hack (of "The Handplane Book" fame) and chair maker extraordinaire Brian Boggs - I'm told there will be many more high profile woodworking stars attending, too. As soon as these are confirmed I'll post an update.
The dates are 31st of May and 1st of June 2008 and the event is being sponsored by Classic Hand Tools.

More info when I get get it,


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil.

Could you have a look in 02 Nov at an article I left for you to review.

You will find it under "homewoodus" and covers a method I have been using to flatten wooden soled planes.

I would like to view your comments after trialing this method.

Regards William Muir.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil.

Unlike using Engineers blue , this method works the opposite.

When the planes wooden sole is completely flat, no inking will show from the carbon paper after the rubbing process.

Regards William Muir

Philly said...

I'm intrigued! I'll try and get hold of some and give it a go.
Thanks for the heads up,

Anonymous said...


Just remember that proficient use of a jointer plane, combined with a straight edge, and carpenters right angle square , should get you to 95% + of your target.

The next stage is primarily fine tuning.

Good luck