Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ploughing On

Been pretty busy making planes this week (I know - no surprise!) Made a few shoulder planes (see picture above) with brass soles - can't beat that brass/wood combo for good looks!

Had a delivery from Brimarc too - the new Veritas Plough Plane. Had a quick play with it - a review will be forthcoming. Thought I should get the rest of the ploughs out for comparison - prepare yourselves for a "Plough-fest".

A trip to Yandles yielded some nice 3 inch beech - mostly quartered, too! Had to search though many, many planks to find it but it was worth it. They had lots of Pau Rosa too, which I fancied - sadly it was full of shakes, sap and termite. Maybe next time......;)
I've uncovered the address of another timber yard fairly local to me - if it turns out to be any good I'll let you know the details.
Have a good weeks,


Anonymous said...

Regarding the shoulder plane shown in your November 11th blog entry, what is the width of that plane? Do you purchase brass channel material or machine it yourself out of solid bar stock?

Thanks. I enjoy reading about your efforts.

Phil Lang

Philly said...

The plane is 1/2 inch wide - I machined up some brass bar stock for this one.
Hope this helps,

rookster said...

You are getting very good at making these, Phil. This shoulder plane is beautiful.

Phil Lang's question is relevant for me too, but I'll phrase it as a request: could you post sometime about the tools you use for machining the metal components of these planes and what you've learned about combining wood and metal like this?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear about the beech, because I have some other ideas swirling around my head. Think traditional. Sort of.

BTW that is one fine looking shoulder plane, that might need to make a trip state side.

All the best,