Monday, May 01, 2006

Go Fly A Kite

Twice in two days! Going for Blogger of the month............. ;)
Went to Poole Park this morning and had some fun flying kites. Spent almost as long un-tangling the cords when the two kites crossed paths......Lot of fun though!
Spent some quality time in the workshop too-the Wife has realised that if I don't get any workshop time I don't get to make anything. And then I can't write about it for Good Wood. And she does like to laugh at my ugly mug in the national press ;)
Finished veneering the edges of all exposed parts. Endured the much feared glue up. Had to wash glue squeeze-out off with a paintbrush and plenty of water. Hope it all came off ok or I will be in trouble come finishing time. Milled up some tulip for the drawers sides, cut the dovetails and grooved for the bottom. The top has been sanded smooth and, frankly, I 've made big progress. If I could easily access my tools and had more space to move in I still don't think I would of made much more progress.
Have a good week,


Anonymous said...

Ah, looks great! Love the relationship of the curves to each other.

Quite nice, Phil.

Take care, Mike

Anonymous said...

Phil, this looks really nice - I like those curves. Good luck with finishing!