Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Finishing Line

Sorry about the pun-Yup, I've started applying the finish. Certainly is nice when a project starts coming together and I'm almost done. An easy week at work has allowed me to make serious progress.
A coat of Chestnut sanding sealer has been applied (after finish sanding-I do so love sanding) and knocked back. The weekend will see me wielding the spraygun in anger with some melamine lacquer. I think this project needs lacquer-veneer is not exactly "substantial" at 0.6mm thick.....
Noise from the Solicitors today means we may be exchanging tomorrow. Or not-call me Mr Cynical ;) If so the move is on and I may just finish this project in time to box the workshop up (AGAIN!)


Anonymous said...

Any word on the move yet?

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Well surprise, surprise-NO.
Still waiting one document before we can proceed. Luckily I've given up worrying about it-let's face it, it's out of my hands.
Still, it's the weekend!
Take care Mike,