Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi Folks
If you have lots of chamfers to make, and you want them consistent and clean, then you need a Chamfer Plane!
Since it's introduction back at the end of 2009 it has been one of our most popular models. This one is a customised version - made from Bubinga it is an additional two inches longer at the customers request. It works like a dream and I'm really taken with Bubinga - I can see more planes being made from this wonderful timber in the near future.



Howard in Wales said...


Depending on what I'm making, It's not unknown for me to turn out a lot of repeated chamfers - by hand.

My personal choice of is to stop the chamfer short, often with a decorative stop.

Most chamfer planes don't lend themselves to this, because the front toe section rides forward, hiding the view of the finishing stop.

Have you considered an open ended hybrid plane that could handle a stepped stop?

Philly said...

HI Howard
Thanks for your comments - yes, the chamfer plane won't do stopped chamfers as the sole and fence are ahead of the iron buy a couple of inches. I can certainly make you a custom bullnose version which will allow you to do the kind of stopped chamfers you do - just drop me an email.
Best regards

Hoawrd in Wales said...

Thanks Phil. I might take you up on the offer, but I’ll need to start saving….!
I described the hand method I use here:
and part 2

All best from wild, windy Wales.