Monday, May 14, 2012

The Try Plane

Hi Folks
Things are busy here at the 'shop and there have been some wonderful planes heading off to customers. I've been a bit behind with blogging so here goes the first of a few entries!
Try Plane - the Try is an essential bench plane. For making quick work of flattening surfaces and jointing edges nothing can compare. This one is 24 inches long with a 2 1/4 inch iron and has a 50 degree pitch. The customer wanted a few custom touches - the tote is offset slightly to the right (I have built this customer planes previously with the tote offset hard to one side like early 18C planes). It also has a round ended iron, again like the early 18C planes, a detail I really like. And finally, the strike button (used to adjust the iron and loosen the wedge) is diamond shaped instead of my regular round button.

If you are interested in a Try plane drop me an email and don't forget, I can customise any plane to your needs as each plane is made by hand, one at a time.


Roderick said...

Just a super plane in a great size; exceptional construction; a real performer!

Jamie Bacon said...

Very Nice! I love the design of 18th century tools. They were designed for hours of comfortable use and the look is timeless. Looks like you really nailed it on this one. Beautiful plane!!!


Philly said...

Glad you're pleased with her, Roderick!

Many thanks, Jamie - she is a handsome plane!