Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi Folks
Had the pleasure of a phone call from David Charlesworth today. As most of you probably know, David is a leading woodwork teacher and at the forefront of tool use and techniques. I was pleased to hear from him for two reasons - first, to hear that he has finally recovered from a serious illness (he contracted pneumonia whilst teaching in Germany last year) and secondly to talk planes!
On various woodworking forums around the world there has been much discussion on a Japanese video showing planing on a microscopic level - and the effectiveness of a chipbreaker. It is quite interesting to watch and shows how a chipbreaker can work when set a precise distance from a cutting edge (in the video it is 1-2 tens of a millimetre). David called to discuss this as he has been experimenting and wondered if I had tried it yet.
Another aspect of the video is the front edge of the chipbreaker is ground at quite steep angles - I really want to spend some time playing with this. To be fair, the "plane" in the video is bedded at 40 degrees, lower than a regular bench plane, but if a tear free surface can be achieved at a lower angle then it has to be worth investigating.
I welcome any thoughts on this subject - do drop me a line.


Kev gooch said...

Fascinating video phil anything to help get rid of the dreaded tearout got to be helpfull

Philly said...

Thanks Kev - I've been doing some testing and have been getting very interesting results! More soon!