Saturday, January 12, 2008

Video and a Tele

Hi Folks
Finished another little video - this one is making a raised panel with one of my planes.
Here's the vid.....

Also, in shock "not plane related" news, I've been re-finishing a guitar of mine. It is a Fender Telecaster that I've had for years - it has a horrible butterscotch finish that was one part plastic, one part toffee. You could just about make out there was wood under the finish - but only just. One day I chipped the varnish off the corner and it revealed some delightful grain figuring. So I continued to pick away at the varnish until it was bare - and it was beautiful!
So I have now sanded the finish completely off and replaced it with an oil finish. The figure is spectacular! I have just got to re-assemble the guitar and I'll take some more photo's.


Roger said...

I can hardly wait to see this one finished, Philly. How old is this Tele?

Philly said...

The Tele is '85/'86 vintage - paid £140 for it a few years ago :)

MikeR said...

That IS a very pretty tele body. I keep seeing the things everywhere I look at the minute - its as though theres something on my shoulder whispering to me :)

Mike R