Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Hunt....

Hi Folks
As you know, we woodies are constantly on the lookout for good sources of timber. Preferably ones that no-one else knows about...... ;)
Waka and I visited a new saw mill today near Andover, Goulden Hardwoods. Only a small mill, but some interesting timber. And a lot of fun turning over piles of boards to see what we could find. The owner, Paul, was very helpful and the prices very pleasant. If you are anywhere near it is certainly worth calling by!
I came away with some quartered Beech (some 5 inch thick!!) and some beautiful 3 inch English Walnut. And a small piece of Apple - sadly a little spongy, but we'll see.
Now I just need to wait a while for the timber to dry down to a suitable level. The waiting game......;)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear my secret (local) source is no longer!

It's not that new - Paul inherited it from his father a few years ago.

It's run on a part time basis so best to ring before hand and they only sell locally sourced hardwoods. But very friendly to deal with.

Harbo (Rod)

Philly said...

Ahh..Rod. Sorry to spoil your little secret ;) Mind you - it took some finding - not exactly in the center of town , is it?
best regards