Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I’ve been playing around with dovetails – in metal this time. Since I’ve been spending lots of time in the workshop I thought I would sneak the odd minute here and there for some fun. I tried a couple of test runs and they turned out well so thought I’d attempt something larger. And here we go – a thumb plane. I’ve just cleaned the dovetails up after peening and it looks pretty good – it’s amazing how they appear from the bruised and bulbous mass of hammered metal.

Now – don’t get excited. I’m not turning into an Infill maker – filing out dovetails is really tedious. But it has been a good exercise. And you can never have too many skills ;)

Tomorrow, Waka and I are visiting a new sawmill. I’m quite excited about this – sounds like they may have some very interesting timber. I’ll report back tomorrow with the facts!




Anonymous said...

Those dovetails look very neat, Phil. Beats me how you do them in metal - most of us have enough trouble with the wooden ones!!


Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Superb job there Phil. Maybe a line of infills might sit nicey with the woodies? :) Go on, you know you love the filing LOL



Anonymous said...

The dovetails look fab, Phil, and I MUST say that is one tight mouth! Can't really see it, to be honest... Is that something you put in later?



Philly said...

Thanks Paul - it is slightly easier in metal than wood!
Tony - not ready to make infills yet, what with my "filing allergy" ;)
Yes, that is my patented "zero clearance" mouth, guaranteed to give zero tear-out ;) I started milling the mouth out last night - hopefully I'll have some more pictures tonight.