Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sleep On It

How come when you WANT to get in the workshop the world comspires to keep you out?
Yes, its been one of those weeks......
Zero progress has been made since the weekend, my daughter has been ill (can you say "sleepless nights") and work has been busy, sending me around the country......
So not a lot has to update. Mind you, I thought this project was coming along a little too quickly....
On a different topic, don't you love Windows?? The most recent MS updates have now made certain websites impossible to access. Wasted plenty of time trying every possible tweak but my web-mail and certain secure sites (can you say Paypal and my bank) are now totally out of reach. Any ideas?? (bar buying a Mac.....)


Anonymous said...

Phil - buying a mac would indeed be a sound investment. But in the meantime you could try using a better browser such as 'Firefox' if you aren't already doing so.

Failing that, the best thing to do would be to use 'system restore' or 'add/remove programs' to get back to a state before the previous update, then you can wait for a time when Microshaft make a fix for the update.

There are other possibilites such as the security setting in Explorer, but Firefox really is one of the best way of improving your internet usage and in my experience fixes a lot of common browsing problems.

Philly said...

I've been trying Firefox out recently, quite like it.
But I still have the same access problems with that. Any ideas? I use a router-coud it be something to do with that?

Anonymous said...

Hey the progress on the drinks cabinet! Nice design, no matter where you find to place it!

Take care, Mike

Anonymous said...

Phil, it could be your router, but a windows update shouldn't of altered that really. I think the best bet would be to create a restore point as of 'now' using 'system restore' so that you have a snapshot of your current setup. Then go back into system restore and go back to a date that was before the problems - then try and connect to the websites, if you can't then its unlikely to be a windows problem and could be something else, however you'll probably find that you can connect to those websites, sometimes the windows updates aren't always correct and can introduce bugs and errors with the system.

Another thing you could try is to disable any software firewall that you have and check to see if the windows firewall is on, you can find this in the security settings in the control panel, if after you have turned these off you can connect then it maybe a firewall that is blocking the sites.

If you want to email me for more help, please feel free: