Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Christmas comes early......

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!
Yes-the Axminster Tools 2005 show at Exeter. I am REALLY looking forward to this. Ticket is bought and in my wallet, some cash has been withdrawn and is safely stowed and credit cards primed and ready.
It will be great to meet up with my internet Chums-certainly is easier in person ;) Looking forward to seeing the "Overseas Contingent", too (Rob Lee and TLN especially).
On the drinks cabinet front progress is slow but steady. Had to re-do some panels for the doors as I didn't like the grain pattern. It's easier to do this know than tear my hair out every time I see the completed project..........
Anyway, fitted the side panels today. Need to fit the back and floor then I can make the doors. I'm enjoying this one!
I'll report back on the show tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Phil!

Can't wait to see the doors...gotta be nice if you are redoing them.

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Thanks Mike!
I'm making the doors now (Sat a.m.) and have also got tomorrow to work on them, too.
So should be some serious progress come Monday.
You need to email Tom L-N and get the demonstrator job for next years Tools 2006 show. Deneb was not the best-boringly slow........:(
I'd be happy to put you up.

Anonymous said...

Hah...I tried politely to warn you all !!!

I fear (and appluade) TLN is a loyal person and would not choose to displace him.

Wel, as I write this, you are heading into Monday you have to post pics of the doors !

Take care, Mike