Friday, November 25, 2005

Good Wood

Managed to fit the base to the cabinet today. It now looks complete-will fit the rails on the weekend and then I can glue it up.
Also receieved my copy of Good Woodworking today-the Maloof chair got 10 pages! I'm pleased, although a little disapointed with the pics. Dark green background, dark brown chair..,:( My pics came out o.k., but you can't mess up with workshop pics too much. Guess it is difficult to really show a piece of furniture off in a picture-it is something that needs to be seen in person. Nevermind, can't moan. Much ;)
Also placed a little hand saw order today-sorry Mike, I've gone for the Canuck!


Anonymous said...

No worries. Adria is a decent saw from what I understand.

Have fun...Mike

Alf said...

Another saw?! Sounds like c*ll*ct*r behaviour to me... ;~)

Philly said...

C*ll*ct*r ????? Moi??? ;)
Actually, I've been coming around to the idea of a "hands tools only" project. No electrons to be used. None. Nada....
So you see-I really need a crosscut tenon saw to go with my rip tenon saw. See?? Hope you feel bad now for invoking the "C" word...... ;)