Friday, August 06, 2010

Back To It..

HI Folks

Since my return from the States I've been back at the bench, beavering away at the batch of planes. I've also had some interesting ideas for new models, and will be showing some prototypes over the next few weeks.

First up - a customer wanted me to build him a smoother using an old toothing blade that he supplied. I was quite happy to do this and was looking forward to using it - while at the Lie-Nielsen factory I had opportunity to use their #62 with a toothed blade to flatten some gnarly stock.
I'm pleased to say it came out very nicely and hope to introduce my own toothing plane model in the near future.

I've also shipped another of my flagship model, the PPA5. This one again in African Blackwood, a beautiful and dense timber. I am now out of any suitable large pieces of this timber, so if anyone knows of a UK supplier I would be very grateful.

The "Festival Of The Tree" at Westonbirt is help at the end of August - I'll there over the four days demonstrating my planes and also giving a talk in the Masterclass tent. So if you are attending please drop on by and say hello!




Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Klicksi import Blackwood into the UK. They should also be starting to get some FSC certified stock in soonish.


Jamie Bacon said...

Beautiful work as usual. Would your toothing plane have the traditional 80 to 90ยบ bed angle?

Jamie Bacon

Philly said...

Thanks Mikey -I'll get in touch with them. Cheers!

Jamie - I'm making prototypes to decide the final bedding angle. I've been quite impressed with this one at 50 degrees, though, which means I'm leaning towards a smoother angle rather than a scraper angle. All will be revealed once I've tried them all out!
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Just came across this blog and found the photo of the wonderful smother you made for my toothed blade.
I have been using the plane it this morning to prepare a pile of sides for a cello I am building and I am delighted with the way it works...Once again many thanks for yet another fantastic plane!

Philly said...

Thanks Neil - so glad you're pleased with your plane!

Dean said...

Great work as usual. My father have a wooden plane which I think he got from my grand father... And imaging it is still working and the wood materiel is still very strong. No wonder my father still prefer the old one that the new metal one.