Friday, January 15, 2010

Winding Sticks

Hi Folks
Already we're halfway through January - times flies! The new Chamfer plane is now available from our Website - it's been a very popular plane already and one that I've been using myself a lot lately. I'm building bunk beds for my daughter and it was the perfect tool for putting chamfers on the many rails and stiles.

Another new product for 2010 are "Winding Sticks". We get asked for these a lot and are pleased to be able to offer these useful tools - they allow you to check a surface for twist or "wind". Being able to plane surfaces flat and free of wind will take your woodworking to higher levels of precision, with projects that fit together perfectly instead of needing huge amounts of clamping pressure to pull them into "square".
Our Winding Sticks are made from quartersawn Paduak, a dense and stable timber. They are hand planed into perfectly matched pairs and are inlayed with mother-of-pearl center marks. A maple insert is fitted to one of the stick to make it easier to read the amount of wind. They are hand finished with shellac and come ready to use. Price is £45 plus shipping - please email me for enquiries.



Norm said...

My winding sticks arrived the other day and they are simply beautiful and beautifully made! I've obtained the David Charlesworth DVD you recommended so I'll know how to use them properly. I'm taking a class in hand planing with Christopher Schwarz and Thomas Lie-Nielsen in April and I'll be able to show them off then. I'm looking forward to putting them to use.

Thanks so much!

Norm Reid

Philly said...

My pleasure - so glad you like them!
Best regards