Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rosewood Fillister and Mini-Panel Raiser

Hi Folks
Thought you might like a look at the latest pair of planes I've completed. The customer wanted something a little special for the timber and chose Rosewood - so please say hello to the Rosewood Moving Fillister and Mini Panel Raiser!
There was a lot more work involved in the finishing of the Rosewood compared to Beech, but it was well worth it as they look a million dollars (they didn't cost that though, you'll be pleased to know!)
If you would like a custom plane just drop me an email or check out my website at for more details.


Unknown said...

these look great! The rosewood and bronze work so well together-
A small panel raising plane is on my list...gotta sell a few more books first!
keep well-

Shannon said...


What do you used for the moving mechanism. A few of the vintage fillisters I have move on brass screws and I constantly have problems keeping the fence stable and the screws get looser every day. Curious to see if you have any innovations to the idea.

Philly said...

Thanks Tom!

Shannon - I fit metal inserts into the stock. These take the machine screws which hold the fence - I've had no issues with this system so far!

Best regards