Friday, October 02, 2009

Other Peoples Planes...

HI Folks
Had a visitor to the workshop this week who wanted to choose the timber for his plane. He also brought some very lovely goodies along with him for me to see. First up, a Stanley 444. This is a plane for cutting sliding dovetails, and cuts both male AND female parts of the joint.
I'd only seen this plane in Garrett Hack's book, so was surprised to see how big it is in the flesh. This particular plane was complete, with both fences and accessories. It had been re-plated, and looked absolutely immaculate. Jealous? Who, me?
The second goodie was a smoother - a Philip Marcou.
I was rather shocked at the weight of this plane (which I believe is the S15) I have a bronze Lie-Nielsen 4 1/2 which I think is at the limit of how heavy a plane should be - the Marcou is heavier again! It is very nicely made and, as it is bevel up, features an adjustable mouth. One thing I noticed - it was smothered in lanolin. The reason for this was to protect the brass and bronze from oxidising. This seemed to be working as the plane was like new, so this is an area I would like to experiment with.

Over at the bench the panel raising planes are almost complete. I've just applied the oil to them so tomorrow will give them a test run and they'll be ready to ship. I've also completed the Jointer with the norris adjuster - it looks awesome. Ovangkol is a beautiful timber with wonderful chatoyance. I'll get the camera out tomorrow for a photo shoot.

Finally, I'm sad to be missing the Woodworking In America conference. Mike Wenzloff was kind enough to offer me space at his bench, but with my recent show schedule, as well as making planes, it just wasn't possible to make it. Philly Planes in Philly seemed a match made in heaven ;) So my thoughts are of all the lucky woodworkers who are able to attend - have a blast!



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