Wednesday, October 07, 2009

And Planes For Other People.....

Following on from the title of the last blog entry, here's a few planes that have been finished in the workshop recently.First up, a Jointer. Made from Ovangkol, a very tough African hardwood, with a norris style adjuster and brass screw cap. The timber looks wonderful - a coat of oil makes the figure spring into 3D. I've just had an email from the new owner, who had this to say - "The jointer exceeds all expectations. I had to use it today on some pretty difficult Bubinga and it made short work of it. It is rare to have a tools which is beautiful, so well finished and which performs brilliantly!" I'm guessing he's happy with it ;)

Next up are a pair of panel raising planes - the customer supplied a drawing with the panel dimensions for me to work from. Both planes are from quartered
English beech, and it has some wonderful ray figuring. It reminds me of the scales of a fish, shimmering as you walk past it. It's funny how such a humble and plain timber like beech turns into a thing of beauty when cut on the quarter.
And finally, another jointer. Well actually, a Try plane. This one is going to a US customer who I recently made a 30 inch Jointer - this is a "baby" one to complement it. The rear tote on this plane is offset to the right, as was the traditional placement of 18th Century planes. It feels very natural in use and makes me wonder why the rear handle is now placed in the centre.
There's plenty of other interesting planes on the go, including an Ebony Skew Miter. Pics soon!



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They look lovely, Phil.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman