Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black Magic

Hi Folks
Just putting the finishing touches on my current plane - its a brass soled coffin smoother in African Blackwood. This one is special as it has a norris-style adjuster, the first on this particualr model.
I've completed all the major components and have only the final shaping and finishing to complete. So tomorrow will see this beauty complete - looking forward to seeing this one polished up!

I was flicking through the current issue of "British Woodworking" magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see me featured in an article on scrapers - I vaguely remember demonstratrating how to sharpen and use them at the recent WL West show. And the article also shows my Toted Smoother in use, too.

Over at Karl Holteys website he has started blogging - very enlightening to see some of his methods being demonstrated. Well worth a read!



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