Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Lives!!!!

Hi Folks
Hope you all had a good Easter? Spent some time away with my parents and also managed to make some serious progress on an old project - the Acoustic Guitar.
Well, the picture probably gives it away. Yes, she's complete! I put the strings on about an hour ago (and boy, was that nerve-wracking!) and she plays nicely. The sound is a little bass shy compared to my other acoustic but I think it will take a while to bed in before its true character is revealed. All I know is this - if its still in once piece in the morning I'll be a happy bunny :)
I've been taking some pictures throughout the build and will put them up on the Philsville site shortly.


Unknown said...

Looks good Phil, I notice the slide in the pic. Is this set up/played the same as a lap steel?
We'll have to jam sometime!

Philly said...

Thanks Tom!
Yes, she's a lap slide guitar - no frets. It has a hollow neck (the body runs right up to the headstock) and is real comfortable to play flat on your lap.
Jam?? You're one!

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about guitars but it looks very attractive. Not sure
I've seen one shaped like that, pear shaped. I like it. Or maybe it reminds me
of an old girlfriend that had wide hips. wink wink


Philly said...

Thanks, Swanz!
The guitar is a replica of a "Weissenborn", which was a lap slide guitar made in the 1920's. Shaped like an old girlfriend? Ah....that explains why I was attracted to it. Maybe ;)
Best regards