Thursday, April 09, 2009

Touching Base

Hi Folks
Had a great time at the Yandles Woodworking show - a pleasure to meet so many of you! Show season is officially started and I'm preparing for the next one in a months time.

A few weeks ago I got involved with a project with a friend - it was to build a base for a Yurt, a kind of round tent. I gave a hand to get the footings and main members in and then the easy stuff was finished off by "Workshop Steve" (whose head you've seen in pictures on this Blog). Just joking Steve, you did a marvelous job!  
The base was 18 foot in diameter, a good size, and was eight sided. So some serious brainwork was involved witht the geometry - and thank goodness for sliding miter saws! It was also on quite a slope (about two foot over the width) so was quite an exercise. The customer was very pleased, though, and I look forward to seeing the Yurt erected.

I've also managed to grab a few more minutes work on the guitar project. I'm hoping this weekend I can glue the back on, giving me something that looks very much like a guitar. Pics soon!

1 comment:

steve said...

8 sided?!?!?!?!
think you'll find it was 12..... ;)
the weather didn't make it easy did it? thanks for your help.