Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Little Twist..

Hi Folks
I've been playing with rebate/shoulder plane designs a lot lately. These tools are pretty straightforward in their design brief and it's difficult to come up with a "new" idea.
One weak area (in my opinion) of wooden rebate planes is the wedge - the wedge mortise doesn't give a huge amount of surface area, and is far away from, the cutting edge. I'm not a big fan of back irons so wanted to try some other method of providing support at the sharp end.
So I modified a rebate plane I was making in the traditional style (a monster inch and a half wide one!) with a screw cap. And it works very nicely - the metalwork adds additional helpful weight to the plane as a bonus!
I have a few changes to make and I'll move on to MK II soon.
Stay tuned...

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