Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brass Knobs

HI Folks
There was a recent thread on the UK Workshop Forum about obtaining knurled brass knobs for tool making projects (or just to upgrade tools with horrible plastic knobs). I was surprised to find that they are not commercially available - even after a long Google session.
So I have decided to step up and offer my own range of knurled brass knobs - there is more information here....
To start with I am offering four standard sizes - these sizes have been decided upon after measuring the knobs on most of my planes. Obviously if you have a specific size or shape in mind just drop me an email.


Anonymous said...

Well spotted, Phil - a definite gap in the market. They look nice.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...


I admire your enterprise and I thinkthe knobs look good.

I put a link on this up on the Woodworking Australia Forums and I got a response whichprovided a link to this supplier:



Ethan said...

I've tried looking for these for some time, too, with almost as little success, Phil.

Lee Valley has one with 1/4-20 threads and treaded inserts to match.,41306,41311&p=44203

Not sure what the shipping charge to the UK would be, though, so your venture should prove fruitful!