Monday, February 18, 2008


Hi Folks
As you have probably gathered, I now spend more time in the workshop than I used to. Last week was probably 50 hours, slightly more than the odd evening I used to do. This has a good side (I get to spend more time in the 'shop!!!!!) and a bad side. Let's talk about the bad side........


There - I've said it.
When time is short it is pretty easy to put off essential workshop maintenance - planer blades a bit blunt? "Ahhhh...leave it 'til next time." And this goes on until the planer is unusable (not that it stops you using it) Grinder need the wheel truing? "Maybe next time - I've only got this blade to do" And before you know it, it takes half a day to true up the Tormek because it is now shaped like a jelly bean.......
So I have been spending precious time carrying out much needed maintenance wherever (and whenever) it is needed. This has elicited quite a few sarky comments from the Wife (i.e. "you spend more time moving your workshop around than you do making things", etc.......) and she is right, it does seem that way. And why?
Because I let things go too far. The old saying "A stitch in time..." is so true. So go on - do yourself (and your workshop) a favour. Keep it in good condition - you'll work quicker, cleaner and to a higher standard. And that's gotta be worth it :)
Have a good week,

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DaveL said...

Ah yes planer blades, I will just shuffle one over so the nicks are not in line, trouble is when you do take them out they are like serrated kitchen knives.