Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hi Folks
Just finished a plane in Cocobolo, a timber I've been itching (excuse the pun) to try for a long time. It is a "Baby Smoother" and I think it looks pretty good - the Coco is certainly a pretty timber!
But. There's always a but......
What nasty sawdust this timber produces. Evil, clogging, itchy stuff. I've been scratching for days now and felt positively giddy on Monday when most of the finishing was done. Not good - no wonder Cocobolo come out so highly on lists of hazardous timbers.
So take a good look - I probably won't be using Coco again.


Anonymous said...

Your planes are really are taking on a much more finished and refined appearance. Had a hard time finding the line were the Coco plane is laminated.

I've tried adapting your technique of laminating the bodies to molding planes. Cutting the cheek on the shoulder side of the plane completely off, and then sink the bed and breast line. This leaves an open "mortise" that can be cleaned out easily. Once the "mortise" is finished, I glue the cheek back on and have a closed "mortised". I can then finish off the plane and profile the sole. This has worked well for hollows and rounds. I plan on attempting a common ogee next.

Thanks for the great inspiration. Reading your web site has really given me a lot of confidence to try making my own planes.


Philly said...

Thanks Joe, very kind!
As you have found, laminating moulding planes makes things real easy (although it really isn't that hard to do it "one piece")
Best regards