Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hi Folks
Apologies for the absence-I'll save the lame excuses for another day ;)
So, first things first. I've solved my long running FTP problem with my website. Now updated and with (at last!!) the step-by-step pics for the tool chest. Remember that?? Pop on over to Philsville
for a look.
The bathroom saga is almost over. It has taken a month of my time, a major project. But it is looking good, so worth it. The cabinet is the final item and I am applying a finish as we speak. Kinda ;)
What else, you ask?
Metal. Yup, I have been influenced by the Dark Side and have invested in a metalwork lathe. And very interesting that has been too! So a fair bit of my spare time (and that hasn't been much!) has been spent learning my about my new toy.
Now I know what you are going to say-"He'll be making planes next". Yes, ahh, yes. Well the thumb plane is sat there looking at me with "that" look. I will be getting on with it real soon. Honest!
And I kid you not, I even started work on the "vintage" project, the "Shop Stool" yesterday! Do you remember the stool? It was my first project in my new workshop. And I got stumped over the steam bending, laminating hoop thing. Well, I'm going to finish it. If it kills me!!!!
As we move ever closer to the Xmas holidays and the end of another year I need to get myself back on track. Ready for a new year of making some cool projects.
And maybe buying the odd tool ;)
Be good


Anonymous said...

I like the new-look blog and website, Phil. Quite cool !


Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Great blog Phil.
Could you let us know what you payed for the gunmetal castings?


Philly said...

Thanks Paul, it's getting there!
The castings were about £30 each. Worth it? Time will tell ;)

Anonymous said...

Definately worth it!, thanks