Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Little Bit....

Got a couple of hours 'shop time last night. The Missus has decided that the bathroom cabinet is two inches too wide (even though I mocked up the cabinet from ply and she was very pleased with the dimensions before........) so as I haven't actually glued the cabinet together yet I thought it a good time to chop certain components down a bit. With that sorted I then went to do some ripping on the bandsaw.....
Now the power lead on my bandsaw is pretty short, about five foot long. One of my "to-do" items had been to replace it with a suitably longer cable. Also the saw has an electric brake on the motor to bring the blade to a standstill quickly. I've been meaning to adjust the "brake-time" to a slightly quicker one since I've had the thing so last night was "The Time"!!!
Quite an eye-opener stripping down expensive machinery. I was rather scared of messing up but the more I dissembled the more I enjoyed it. The saw now has huge amounts of suitable cable allowing me to move it to the other side of the shop if so desired. And the brake now stops the machine a couple of seconds earlier (althoug it still makes that annoying noise!!!)
You certainly can't beat doing some 'Shop Maintenance. You feel so much better after ,although I didn't get much actual work done;)


Anonymous said...

The Missus changed her mind. Fancy that.......

Paul Chapman

Philly said...

Having a few years marriage under my belt I was kind of expecting that;)