Monday, June 01, 2015


Hi Folks
I'm back in the workshop following our trip to Handworks 2015 (post to follow with the juicy details!). One thing I have been told to get involved with is Instagram so I now have my own little page where I can post photo's on a regular basis. If you use Instagram do follow me and let me know whatever noobish stuff I'm doing wrong ;)


Anonymous said...

You're doing just fine, Phil! Pretty soon we'll be able to take off the training wheels and let you run around and IG freely! (Instead of "IP Freely". Get it? Sorry, old joke.)

Almost have word on the source for our super double-secret project, by the way. Should have some more information shortly. Was dealing with Nicola, and she had a piece that might have worked, but when Hamish heard what we were planning, he said he might have something better suited for the task. So once he digs it up and Nicola takes some photos of it to send me, I'll confirm and have it sent your way (as long as it looks like it should work). Very exciting stuff if that works out!

Sorry to chat in a comment on your blog. Just trying to add some activity to it. hahahaha ;)

Philly said...

Look forward to the day the training wheels come off, Ethan! ;)
IP Freely, sure I heard Bart Simpson prank calling that one! Real excited about Project X, await more details when you have them :)