Thursday, September 12, 2013

Show Time!

Hi Folks
Time certainly flies by - the summer arrived with a bang and we had some wonderful weather. It was roasting in the workshop by three in the afternoon most days, a far cry from the chilly winter months. Orders have been coming in strong, too, the busiest I've ever been. A very promising sign!

Next weekend sees the wonderful European Woodworking Show at Braintree - by far the best woodworking show in the UK! I am pleased to be demonstrating my planes there and will be set up in-between the Lie-Nielsen bench and Chris Schwarz (of Pop Wood and Lost Arts Press fame!) If you're considering coming along don't hesitate - it's a well organised show with top exhibitors and demonstrations, excellent food and drink and set in fantastic ancient timber framed halls! And please drop by and say hello if you do :)

Our Side Bead planes have been very popular since their introduction earlier this year and I'll be bringing some along to try out at the show along with hollow and rounds, rebate and smoothing planes.

I was very excited to see a three page article published in Fine Tool Journal on the planes and how I got started. Many thanks to Ethan Sincox for the interview!



Marilyn said...

Good luck at the show. Hope things go well!

Anonymous said...

So you got the copy? Was just wondering about that this morning and wanted to verify you'd received it.

Was a little sad we couldn't work Snowball into it somehow...

We need more pictures of cats in workshops.

I have wood curls all over the entire basement floor because one of my cats goes into the shop when I'm not there and bats them around. :)

Unknown said...

Hopefully going to see you at the European Woodworking Show. Always enjoy your updates on Facebook and the blog.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

See you there, Phil - I'll stop by for a chat.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman