Friday, August 19, 2011

Website Back And Lefties...

Hi Folks
After a short absence the Phillyplanes Website is back up - we've had a small series of disasters (hacked site, broken server, holidays...) which meant the site was offline for over a week. I'm pleased to say we are back up and running and I've taken steps to ensure it should not happen again. Thanks for your patience!

The new "Toted Smoother" is available on the website and we also pleased to offer our "Moving Fillister" plane in a left-handed model at no additional charge. Please drop me an email if this interests you.



Anonymous said...

They look cool, Phil. Is that one of Alf's hand-sewn canvas tool rolls they are standing on?

Cheers ;-)


Philly said...

Thanks Paul! The planes (and tool roll!) belong to a customer in Florida - he was kind enough to send me a photo of his matching pair of Phillisters :)

O said...