Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Custom Planes For Custom Furniture?

Following on from the last blog entry about customising a plane order, a recent customer wanted a Moulding plane of a specific (non-standard) size for a commision he was building. Joel Marshall is a furniture maker in Bristol and was working on a design for a coffee table. The design (see below) has radiused corners as a feature and he contacted me about building a plane to make it possible to cut these curves by hand. I was quite happy to do this and he in turn told his customer he was getting a traditional hand plane made specifically to build their table - the customer was very pleased about this!

As you can see, the table came out beautifully, a testament to Joel's skills. You can see more of his work on his website, here.



Outdoor Garden Furniture said...

This is very nice looking design.. I am waiting for that day when it will completely furnished.. I will definitely look forward to it.. Thanks for sharing..

Instant Tent 8 - 14' X 10' said...

Beatiful work on the desk...nice design

Steve Kirincich said...

Do molding planes generally work well on endgrain? Thanks.