Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More partidge wood...

Hi Folks
I've got a fair selection of exotic timbers hoarded away in the workshop. Small pieces, not-so-small pieces and many different types. One I've been wanting to use is Partridge wood - I don't know much about it but I do know its extremely dense. And yes, it does sink in water - I've tried! Recently I made a 2 inch wide smoother for myself from this timber and was very impressed with the beautiful grain - supposedly the timber gets its name from the way the grain resembles partridge feathers. A customer called to place an order recently and mentioned this plane after seeing it in this blog. After searching through my timber store I found a single piece just big enough for a plane and wedge, so the customer was very pleased (and so was I to be using this lovely timber again).
Here's a shot of the plane before any shaping is done on the body - I cut all the important stuff first and do the fun shaping stuff when everything fits and works.

And here's a photo of the completed plane - and a sweet little thing she is too :)

I've also started another guitar project - after seeing Paul Weller in action with his trusty '60's Gibson SG I had to have one. But after finding out the price I decided to build my own. I've keeping a photo diary here on my Philsville site.

Next week sees me travelling to the States to Maine and the Lie-Nielsen factory. I'm really looking forward to this trip, a dream trip for me. Needless to say, I'll be taking plenty of photographs. And if you're attending the open day please come by my bench and say "hello!"



Anonymous said...

That partridge wood really does look great and the fine grain certainly suits the small plane. I particularly like heavy planes and you've got me thinking....
Well made Phil!


Dean said...

Wow I am so excited about your guitar project. Yah I think making your own is much better and no amount of money could ever replace it, naks. And in the first place why buy one if you can make one, right? Keep on creating and you are so incredible with it.

Jim UK said...

Watcha Phil...hope you are well.

I have a lump of partridge wood which I have had for ages...and I popped it into the vise for a quick planing test. Even with the steep angle of a nicely honed infill smoother I found it tore out whatever I did. How did you get around this?

Jimi (UKW)

Philly said...

HI Jim - Good to hear from you!
Yes, Partridge is serious stuff to plane. I used my LAJ pitched at 62 degrees and still had the odd bit of tearout. Scraping is the way with this stuff!
Best regards