Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guitars, Gaps and Jointers.....

Hi Folks

Remember the electric guitar project I've been working on? It's just about complete. I've got a couple of small tweaks left to do, but the guitar is playable (and I've been playing it!). I get such a thrill from playing an instrument I bungled together myself - the feeling of shock when I hear it ringing out. And the relief when it is still in one piece five minutes later - when the strings are tuned up to tension I expect the thing to implode any second. I'll post a sound clip soon.

Following the bandsaw blade drama I thought it was time I upgrade another machine that was waiting to "get me". I have a 12 inch disc sander that has become an invaluable tool for me - shaping curves, cleaning up end grain and even shaping metal parts. So I decided to buy a second machine so I could keep one dedicated to metalwork. Sadly the new machine had a large gap (9mm) between the edge of the table and the sanding disc - when working small pieces it is possible (and yes, I've done it) to have the workpiece pulled down through this gap. With the usual underpant threatening consequences.......... ;)
So I fashioned a new table from 3/4 MDF - it only took ten minutes to remove the old one and replace it. And I now have a tiny (read SAFE) gap. I'm so please with this I need to do the other table now (yup, the sander is a double-header).
Plane news.....
It's Jointer season - I'm building a 30 inch beech jointer at the moment (with a similar plane up next). That's a long plane!! More pics as she comes together.



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Nick Brygidyr said...

Beech jointer! i'm actually building a cabinet out of beech, the north american stuff. Boy is it ever unstable as i've found out...european beech next time ;)

tell me what you think!

PS remember you said you'd make another krenov cabinet soon? what happened to it? haha!