Thursday, May 28, 2009

West Dean Hand Tool Event

Hi Folks
Only a week or so to go until the West Dean "Hand Tool Event". This will be the second year of this show, and I'm real excited about it. Last years event, being the first one, was very enjoyable (and attracted some stars - Brian Boggs and Garrett Hack!) and was quite a success. It was also unique in that it was only hand tools - no power tools in sight. All the attendees were hand tool nuts, and there was a real buzz in the air.
Word has gotten around about that show and I have no doubt that this years event will be twice as big. I'm feverishly working away to have new items to show off - so do make sure you call by my bench and say "Hi!".


Anonymous said...

See you there, Phil. Looking forward to it.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Nice looking plane in progress! Curious whatever happened to the step-by-steps you had posted on your old site?..


Mike Hamilton

Philly said...

Cheers Paul!

Mike - the plane is a moving fillister. Its complete now -see the next blog entry.
The step-by-step's should still be there. Try the projects page.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

My silly mistake - I thought Phillyplanes replaced



Philly said...

No problem, Mike. I keep the site as my hobby site and the site is my "day job" site :)