Monday, October 20, 2008

The Beast...

Hi Folks
For quite some time I've been considering upgrading my milling machine (Yes, sorry, it's a metalwork machine). I have finally taken the plunge, thanks in part to an Axminster "10% discount" voucher. Received a phone call from them on Friday to arrange a suitable delivery time and the van turned up on time first thing this morning.
I was expecting the packaging to be "sturdy" and just a little bit big. But I was still quite surprised at the size of the thing! Still, the delivery guy was kind enough to deposit the beast where I wanted it and left me to it.
Getting it into the workshop is going to be a squeeze, but, with the help of an engine hoist I should be able to get it in and sorted tomorrow.
More pics then....


DaveL said...

Now that does look the business, I can see all sorts of things being made with it. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice One, is it the ZX25M2 ?


Philly said...

Yes, certainly looks like a "real one"!
Chas - It's the ZX30M, next model up.

Looking forward to getting the grease off of it today :)

Anonymous said...

Metal infill planes??