Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'll take the High Road.........

First thing - an apology. The last month has flown by - I've been helping a friend with some shop fitting and been travelling all around the country. We even made it as far north as Glasgow - so you see, I'm not joking ;)

Since Yandles woodwork show the plane side of things has been busy - especially since I introduced a Moving Fillister model. A certain Mr Schwarz has taken a liking to this one and I'm building his as we speak. There's also the chance to win yourself a Philly Plane - see here.

Next big thing is the "Hand Tool Event" at West Dean College on the 31st May/1st June. Its going to be an awesome weekend with high profile woodworkers from all around the globe present. Many thanks to Mike at Classic Hand Tools for arranging this one! I'm beavering away in the workshop at the moment making some handsome planes to take along.

And other news - I hope shortly to be receiving "Philly Planes" name stamps so I can finally give my planes the professional branding they (hopefully!) deserve. Stay tuned for photo's.....



Roger said...

Good to hear things are going so well. Sounds like it is time to start the official type study. No Philly Planes stamp = the rare and valuable Type 1!

Philly said...

Thanks, Roger!
Yeah, all you lucky Type one owners....;)

Anonymous said...

What a prof. name stamp, I'll have to send mine back to get it done!

ps used it again at the weekend works a treat, making some under bed storage bins for my little ones european walnut bed, much nicer than the scream of my router.

Philly said...

Be happy to do that for you - mind you, you'd lose that "Type I" look ;)

Ethan said...

Dreadfully rotten of you to throw up a picky of Moving Fillister, Phil.

And I submitted a quote over to Mr. Schwarz a day or two after I saw that contest. Would love to get a PP Miter plane out of the deal, but I'd probably not be terribly upset with the hardbound volume 2 of Woodworking Mag.

Congrats on the stamp! That's a grand step in the planemaker scheme of things.

I'll hold on to my Type 1, though, thanks. That would be a pricey upgrade, in any case...