Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Strings and Things

Hi Folks
Been making real progress on the guitar project (although the Wife is getting suspicious when I keep disappearing off to the workshop). Finished the soundboard yesterday (that's the top) so I have to move onto the back next, whilst preparing for the toughest part - hot bending the sides. More on that when the time comes.........
Here are two more pics of the Madox hollow plane. The crispness of the construction still amazes me - don't forget, this was made with hand tools! And the stock is still straight as a die - the amount of wooden planes I have looked at that are banana shaped tells me that this guy really new his stuff!
The Yandles Woodworking Show is this weekend - where did the time go!?? I am beavering away in the workshop making stock for the show - hopefully there will be plenty for people to see, as well as a prototype 70 degree supersmoother ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Philly
Enjoying watching the progress with the guitar. Inspiring stuff, as always!

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend at Yandles. And please do me a favor and save one of those prototype
70* supersmoothers.

I'll speak to you soon,