Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some thoughts.....

Started work on our new bathroom today. For those of you who have had the pleasure of said bathroom, you'll understand why this work is urgently needed;)
Removed the suite, capped off the plumbing and removed the radiators. Then the fun part-stripping off the tiles from the walls, floor to ceiling on all four.
So I sit here on the sofa, exhausted and with numerous cuts and bruises. Though I'd share some experiences from the last week.

The tool chest. I'm pleased with how it turned out and have spent time arranging contents of the various drawers into some sort of order. Went to remove a chisel the other day and the drawer was jammed. Cursed a bit, used a knife instead and carried on with the job in hand. Next day, went to get a chisel, drawer was jammed, cursed and tried to open the drawer. Five minutes later the drawer is still jammed solid.removed all other drawers and then lifted the chest into the air and started shaking it around, trying to dislodge whichever tool was jamming. After almost destroying the chest shaking it I put it down and decided to use my brain. Close inspection showed that a 1/2 inch mortise chisel had rammed itself into the back of the drawer. The handle then prevented the drawer from opening. A hole drilled through the back if the drawer allowed me to tap the chisel free. How I laughed-imagine if I had dropped the chest. Explain that one away;)

I have borrowed an infill plane from a toolmaking buddy-the tool is only half made, all components machined up but no assembly started. There is a serious amount of hand work to be done before this tool will be ready. It reminded me of my woodworking-machining parts to size is easily achieved with machines but it is handwork that makes all the difference between a "kit of parts" and a finished piece of furniture. Regardless of discipline, hand tools (and skills!) are indispensible.

Made another interesting discovery. Sometimes you need to set yourself time limits to actual
ly achieve something. A certain project seemed to be taking a long time to complete. The Missus pops her head round the door and says "one hour and we need to go". I really wanted to complete the project so decided to get myself into gear. Set up router table, machine timber, rip, mitre, glue up. Project complete and within the time allowed. I could easily have spent three times longer to do the saem amount of work-with the power tools and jigs that seem to fill most peoples workshops there really is no excuse for not achieving results. After all-how can we justify that next tool purchase if we don't actually make anything?

Anyway, time for a glass of wine and an early night.
Have a good weekend,

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