Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Year

Hi Folks
Hope you all had a great holiday ? Raring to go??
Decided enough was enough-yup, the dreaded "Workshop Clean-up" time had arrived. After an hour and a half the place looked a LOT better-and felt more, what's the word, professional? No, wrong word. Positive-that's it. A place where I can get things done. So off I go.......
The Thumb Plane is finished. You've seen some pics and there are more here...
I'm pretty pleased with the plane-it looks good and works well. I learned a lot of stuff whilst making it and feel confident about making another. Maybe ;)
The bathroom is finally complete (mostly!) The final touches are the Missus department so I reckon that's me done. It sure is nice to put jobs behind you.
Here's a picture of something I'm working on. A coat of oil has just been applied-any ideas what it is?
I also aim to finish the shop stool. That was my first project when I set up my new workshop and (shamefully) I've not completed it. The steambending episode was too much for me and it got shelved.
Managed to pop by Pennyfarthing Tools in Salisbury yesterday. A great little shop, there's always something there to excite. Came away with three woodies.....jointer, jack rebate and another beading moulder to fill out the ranks. (And yes, I know I should be making moulding planes......) £18 for the three......couldn't leave them there for that;)
Off to Wales tomorrow to do some carpentry-see you Friday,


MikeW said...

Hah--I know what I would make from it! Beautiful blank, Phil.

And wot's that? Wood planes? It's a disease, you know!

Take care, Mike

rookster said...

I think we all know what Mike would make from that. I can't imagine what it is (is that its finished shape?)

Also: didn't realize the plane was so small from all the other pictures. The reference with the jointer plane really opened my eyes. Nice looking plane (how well does it work?)

Philly said...

Mike-Yeah, I know what you're thinking! But no-no saws ;)
Wood planes-I certainly have the bug.........
The thumb plane is really dinky-and I'm real pleased how well it works! I can get rid of those useless old L-N's now ;)
So-the answer.
Boring really-it's the first of a set of table mats (coasters). The timber is figured European Walnut, and beautiful it is!!! The most beautiful veneer I've ever seen.
I'll post more pics soon.

rookster said...

You're going to put that where condensation might get to it from cups and plates (and food?) Or do I misunderstand. It is truly beautiful veneer.

Philly said...

No-you got it right! I'm going to be applying a few coats of lacquer to ensure it is protected. The core is MDF so it should be stable enough.