Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hi Folks
Well, with the helpful advice on my new design idea taken to heart I've made some alterations. And it is looking good - I am so glad I've spent the time on the design instead of just breaking out the timber and making sawdust. And I had to force myself not to do that!
A trip to Yandles was duly made today with the Woodkateers in tow to purchase some more Paduak for the table. Sadly, I didn't have enough so off we went to deepest, darkest Somerset. As always, a wide and varied selection of boards was on show. After picking my way through various stuff I ended up with a lovely big board of paduak, 2.1 x 0.4 m, 50mm thick. I knew it was paduak because it was writen on the board along with the price. Went to pay and found Waka and Martin buying up the few remaining Bessey's that they had.....;)
Back at the workshop I put the paduak next to the baord I already had. I was surprised how different in colour they were but it does go much darker with time. But hang on......they look very much different. I took a few shavings and the smell gave it away. Yup, I had bought a board of Bubinga by mistake........:(
So I still don't have enough to make the design, even if I just use bubinga. I do have enough walnut in stock so maybe, maybe.......
Needless to say, I've handed in my "Timber Recognition" badge ;)


Mike said...

On the one hand, tis a pity it wasn't the other, it's a very nice Bubinga board!

Hmm, lots o' saw handles there...

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Yeah, not quite as figured as your "special stock". I just feel so stupid, that's all! It's funny, I've bought both Bubinga and Paduak from Yandles before so I'm quite familiar with them.Just because it was labelled Paduak I bought it and didn't even click......:)
Sure is a nice big board. No checks visible and no knots. That's a lot of clear material!
P.s. Looking foward to the "Wenzloff 2008 Tour" very much. My house is yours.

rookster said...

Just having a board like that around is something special. I'm sure that something special will come of it, especially in your hands!

Philly said...

I'm sure it won't go to waste, Rob ;)