Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finished and Finishing

Hi Folks
Hope you had a good weekend? I managed to finish the table mats off today, spraying the final coat of lacquer just after lunch. I love spraying lacquer, it is such an easy finish to apply. Yet every time I complete a project what do I reach for?? Yup, oil or shellac......;)
After a couple of coats the job looks pretty awful. And doubt creeps in (also known as panic!). But once it dries, and that doesn't take long, it sinks down and looks 10 times better. And one of the advantages of lacquer is it dries quick. But it is not cured so is easy to sand and rub out. Then a couple of days later it fully cures and you are left with a bullet-proof finish. That shines like a mirror (if you want). I know it isn't appropriate for every project but it is worth experimenting with of you have never tried it. I use Chestnut melamine lacquer and a cheap B+Q HVLP spray gun.
Saturday the Missus had me make a tray for the bathroom cabinet. Oak lipping round some 9mm MDF, some brads and glue - Voila! Amazing how a bit of hardwood lipping transforms it into something "worth making";) I must thank Norm for that construction method.........
The new design idea is coming to life - Sketchup is a dream tool for me. I can "make" the project and then see how it looks by walking around it. Virtually, which means no timber was harmed in the planning of this project. Such a great tool, it really is worth perservering through the initial learning curve. A trip to Yandles is needed as I don't have quite enough of the chosen timber. Always the way.........


rookster said...

Those table mats look great!

Nick W said...

Phil, what is your spraying set-up like (you don't have a proper spray booth do you?), do you dilute the lacquer (how much) and how easy is it to clean your gun afterwards? I've limited myself to spraying water-based finishes so far, not sure about coping with the hazards of cellulose thinners.

Philly said...

Thanks Rob!
I don't have a spray booth. Have a look on my website, I've put up some step-by-step pics and there are som eof me spraying.
I find an open door help a lot and the air cleaner blazing to keep the air moving. The HVLP kit makes a lot less overspray than a regular gun. I used Chestnuts melamine lacquer, a great product. I 50/50 it with thinners and spray away. It looks not so good when you spray but 10 minutes later look awesome. And you can very easily de-nib and rub out. I've use auto finishing products to buff it out and you get a mirror finish in seconds. Love it!!
My headache has just about worn off too.....;)