Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Blog Of The Year

So as another year draws to a close I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" to all my readers for popping by and reading my rantings. 2006 has been a great year-moving house, my daughter starting school, the "Big Bash" and numerous highs and lows.
I feel I could be a lot more productive and there has been a certain amount of frustration on my part-my day job has changed to a more physical, hands-on role which has left me physically and metally tired at the end of the day. But I have achieved a lot and when I sit back and consider my roles as Father, Husband, Woodworker, Band Member, Businessman, etc. it is a wonder I got anything done at all ;)
So-here's to 2007! Enjoy a glass of your favorite tipple on me!
And watch out-I aim to be "Mr. Organised" for 2007........
Best regards


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Phil :)

Paul Chapman

rookster said...

Happy New Year to you too. After seeing what you accomplished in 2006, I can only fear what you might accomplished if you get organized. Looking forward to it.

Philly said...

Thanks Gents!
Rookster-all I can say is "Don't look at the cover of the next issus of "The Woodworker"... ;)"

Dave said...

Happy New Year Phil.
I take it that is the plane you were working? It’s turned out nicely.
Compared to you my shop uses open cast filing as an organisational method.



Philly said...

Hi Dave-Happy New Year to you, too!
Yup-I'm just about to take some pics and will post them later. Came out well (although this metalwork malarky is too much like learning new skills!)
Open Cast Filing??? I like it! Sounds kinda "organic"? ;)

Tony said...

Plane looks superb Phil, stunning and worth sweating that sole on in the end eh? :)

Happy new year!!!

Philly said...

Cheers Tony! Worth it in the end....