Saturday, January 27, 2007

All Change

Big changes at Philsville. Yes, I've been changing the workshop around. Again........
First up - the garage door. As those of you who have had the pleasure will know, I have a large double garage door at the front of my workshop. Well, it is a double garage.......;)
And, whilst giving easy access, also allows all the heat to disappear in the Winter as well as letting the wind whistle though......not perfect.
So, plan A was turned down by the Authorities (well, the Missus) So I knocked up some timber studwork around the inside of the door, stuffed it with insulation and overboarded it with 18mm water resistant chipboard. A couple of coats of white paint later and the place is transformed!
Well, after this triumph I had to dabble a little more........;)
I have now moved all the major machinery around (except the table saw). And what a huge difference it has made! It feels twice as big as it did yesterday. Amazing!
I've put some pictures here on my website for you to browse. I might even mount the Littlerat back on the wall tomorrow.


Nick W said...

It looks like you've got twice as much room too. Result.

Tony said...

You can go off a person you know :)

Looks superb mate, loads more room and the noise won't annoy the nieighbours now!



Philly said...

Thanks Gents! I'm sure the neighbours will be happy with the noise reduction. Not that I ever make much noise........;)