Saturday, January 13, 2007

Planely Mad

Applied a finish to the wood samples from yesterday - what do you think? I was most impressed with the walnut sapwood board. It looks great! I know how I'll be disguising sap in future.......Didn't like it on cherry but the mahogany looked nice, kinda mature. And the walnut board looked deep and chocolatey. Guess I'll be keeping this dye on the shelf for future use.
Started another plane today. Yes, I couldn't resist it ;) It is a Norris style coffin smoother. I cleaned up the casting on the belt sander (a surprisingly effective method) and milled some other parts. And sweated on a steel sole before coming in from the workshop. There isn't too much metalwork to do with this one due to the shapely casting so hopefully I should have this one finished by Christmas.........

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