Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Preparation

Hi Folks
Spent some time organising the timber for the table project. Final thickness for all parts was 48mm so after filling the bag on the dust extractor I could start choosing what goes where. Arranging the grain pattern was a lot of fun, it's amazing how you can make or break a piece by just flipping a couple of parts about.
I also made a final test piece of the corner joint. The top is 48mm thick, the sides taper to 30mm at the top edge. Obviously this makes quite some difference to the layout of the joint. What do you think? Almost as strong as a secret mitred dovetails but much quicker to produce. And very strong!
It is almost a pity to hide the joint away (the from edges of the table will not show the joint as I want clean lines) but I'll leave it at the back so there is a little evidence of my work.
I have also started plumbing in the shop for dust extraction. I usually move the dust extractor to whatever machine I'm about to use but that approach isn't always a good one when you're as lazy as me ;)

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rookster said...

I agree that its a shame not to show the joint: it's such an attractive one. But sometimes a mitre is what you want visually. Good idea to leave the joint showing on the back.