Monday, March 05, 2007

Week Excuse....

Hi Folks
I'm back - apologies for the week-long absence. Work has been busy and stressful...........
I have made some progress on the fluted table. The drawer is mostly done (the dovetails, anyway). I decided to use the Blum drawer slides on the table and have been awaiting a couple of parts before I could mount them. Hopefully tomorrow they will arrive and then I can get on with it!
I got a bit fancy with the dovetails. Not sure if I like it or not - need to live with them for a while. It was fun cutting them - I wish I would try and saw to the lines instead of chickening out and leaving some "paring room". I'm no Rob Cosman!
Also fitted a digital readout to my thickness planer. It works a treat (although I had to make up some brackets to mount it). I post some pictures soon.


Byron Black said...

Hi Phil

I really like the dovetail arrangement, nice to see something a little different!!

Philly said...

Thanks Byron!
Just trying to come up with something slightly different from the "three pins" layout.
I've nearly finished the drawer - just got to plane them flush!