Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Colour.....

Well, here we are! In full "Philovision", for your viewing pleasure ;)
As it was a beautiful sunny day (yes, I even mowed the lawn!) I thought outside was the perfect venue for a photo shoot. Especially as I don't have a studio to take my shots in........
Take a little look here.......
So do you like? I'll take some more shots indoors to get the details but it looks pretty good. The drawer front is lagging behind a little in colour - the rest of the walnut has started to take on that deep glow. Yum!
The drawer action is pretty good for such a wide, narrow drawer. The runners work real good and the closure feature (which pulls the drawer closed over the last 30mm automatically) is a real delight. Everyone who has seen it in the flesh plays with the drawer a few times :)
Onto other things - I have lipped the MDF components of my tool chest base unit with solid walnut and stitched together the veneers ready to press. Should have something to show soon.


Mike said...

Absolutely love it, Phil!

I do like the fluting. And the Walnut? Of course. Such a fine wood to work and the results are great.

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

Thanks Mike, much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

That looks really nice, Phil, and when the colour of the drawer front catches up it will look even better. You're right, the way those flutes disappear to nothing is very effective.


Paul Chapman

Nick W said...

That's very handsome, and nice to see the colours in daylight. I see what you mean about the colour mellowing - wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Philly!

What router cutter did you use for the flutes?