Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jack the lad....

Hi Folks
Finished off the Jack plane yesterday. I was pleased with how well this plane came together - either I was lucky or the Wood Gods were smiling..... ;)
I was interested to compare how it worked and felt next to my favourite wooden Jack. Pretty good feel, lightly than the original (which surprised me) but a good action. The wedge works real well, too. Just a light tap to lock it firmly in place. Nice!
The tool chest base unit is coming along, too. I bolted on the wheels earlier - riding around the workshop on top of it as a "weight test" was a success, I am pleased to say. Need to knock up three drawers (BIG ones!) and some moulding and then the workshop will magically grow larger. It certainly is good to have somewhere to keep things - the place becomes much less cluttered. And any help in that department is a good thing.......;)
Have a good week

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