Monday, March 12, 2007

Walnut (again!!)

At last, the fluted table is complete!
But before you get too excited, no I don't have some lovely pictures to show you. Sorry - but I will soon!
Saturday saw me in the workshop applying the finishing touches to the table. I was surprised how much the table has changed in colour compared to the drawer front (which has only just received its first coats of oil) Black Walnut ages very nicely, and becomes even more beautiful with time. I was looking at my Maloof inspired chair which is a few years old now and the walnut is just georgous. Sigh......guess I better order some more walnut - and there's me moaning about the sapwood....... ;)
I've started work on the final part of my hand tool storage. I have already completed the tool chest and saw till sections - this will be the base unit (including wheels!) which will sit at the bottom. The chest will sit above with the saw till on top, giving a compact and classy looking unit. Pictures soon......
Have a good week,


Nick W said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished item - well both finished items actually.
My customer has decided on a fairly heavy initial dose of colour on the tables. Should be finished in a couple of days, photos will follow.

rookster said...

Hey Phil,

Took a look at the full project documentation on the Web site. Great project! Has it been set up in the hall yet ;)